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Our purpose. Creating great customer moments


We strive for a world with less bad products and services. We aspire for a world filled with customer driven innovation and great customer moments in all industry areas.

Our team consists of people who share this vision. 

Every teammember plays an important part working with either fieldwork, data prepping and statistics, deep qualitative interviews, reporting, ideation, design and testing. It's all part of bringing great customer centric products and services to market. 

We want the best minds, who want to challenge the status quo. ... OK OK, we also have a lot of fun and we work with a lot of great and respected companies. 


Who are we?


We are all HumanS


Some of us are. Analysts. Dads.  Moms. Hipster. Optimists. Realists. Facilitators. Programmers. Fun. Visionaries. Empathic. Determined. Sporty.

None of us are. Reluctant to celebrate.



Motivation. Our human KPI

We motivate ourselves through 3 principles.

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We aim for creating great customer moments. This is our purpose, to bring customer oriented products and service to market through deep human understanding

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Secure that everyone has experienced control of their work lives, regarding tasks, projects and development

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We want all employees to develop their skills. No one should experience stagnation. We therefore invest in developing the competences of employees across the domains

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