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Jack & Jones is an international retail brand that operates in many countries. Jack & Jones was looking for an answer on how much the different drivers in the shop experience influences their top 3 KPI´s. 

We built a model that could help rank the different actions to help improve KPIs like NPS, hit rate and basket size. Focus was especially on the actions that the physical shops could do to higher the customer experience in the future.

By using the model in the daily operations Jack & Jones have improved NPS, hit rate and basket size significantly. 


What drives the three overall KPI´s; NPS, hit rate and basket size in Jack & Jones?

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Jack & Jones has a constant strategic focus on customer experience. A fact-based decision tool was needed to make the right actions for the retail managers on top level and the shop managers on floor level.  


How did we approach the problem

We used an exit survey approach where the customer is interviewed instantly after leaving the shop. By using this approach we assured a valid picture of the experience in the shop.

We interviewed buying and nonbuying customers to estimate the hit rate, but also to know why the customer didn´t buy anything.     


A scalable setup delivering member insights at the right level

A driver analysis that precisely estimates the impact of the different actions that especially the shop manager can do something about. For instant how much a welcome to the customer influences NPS, how much the contact phase influences hit rate and how much excellent service influences basket size.

The model also helps Jack & Jones HQ evaluate the customer’s perception of price, product quality, styles, range and store front.

The reports were split in two; an individual store report for each shop and a top level chain report to help the retail manager, purchase manager, sales manager, etc. on a strategic level.


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