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What's your customer promise?

Products and services based on real customer insights

These days everybody is talking innovation. Any corporate without a lab is not trendy. But how should you conduct your next innovation project?

We believe that innovation should be categorised into several levels of ambition, and for each ambition level the requirements for insights differ significantly.

We call the lowest level of innovation for renovation. It’s like renovating your house, you keep the outer walls and roof, and then you change what’s inside to better suit your needs, style and taste. This is the lowest level of innovation, and for many businesses this is also sufficient. At the other end of the scale, you are completely transforming the way you do business. AirBnB is a good example, as they have completely disrupted the hotel industry. Whatever your goal of innovating, we’re here to help.

Through years of experience, we’ve developed tools and methods which strengthens the chance of success. Let us help you.


“Renovation is largely doing the same but better … Innovation is thinking & doing different”

Henry Ford


Some of the tools we use

Like any other project, we utilise design thinking priciples when innovating. This mindset secures that we always think iteratively, and to a large extend co-create the products or services with the people who’ll be using them. Here’s a link to our design thinking process in case you missed it.

When innovating these are some of our favorite tools.

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Going from idea to a more thought through product or service can be hard. We use visual story boards very early in the proces to get clients and users to quickly add details to the idea. The story boards provide reflection on key touch points and experiences related to the product and services whch at the idea stage are hard to imagine.

We’re always amazed by how creative people can be with pen and paper!

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Developing new products and services is costly. Therefore we quickly and cheaply test new concepts, feature and experiences with customers at very early stages. We use pricinples such as fake doors, one-night-stands and mechanical turks to quickly get user feedback. We’ll help you develope the pretotypes, whatever the form.

For products and services sold online, we use digital tools such as Instapages, Leadpages and Mailchimp, and recruit via Facebook, Instagram, Adwords and Snapchat.

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The amount of time spend in most organisations going from meeting to meeting and answering emails is incredible. To get down to business, we utilise sprints through the developing phase.

First we get 5-10 people in a room with a clear mandate. Then we work iteratively on ideas related to specific customer pains and needs. Our sprints are typically 1-2 days, with 100% dedication. Try it for yourself, you’ll be amazed by your own output.



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