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Since 1999 we have been conducting quantitative and qualitative market research projects in Denmark, the Nordic countries and around the world. We discover what matters to the people using your products and services and turn these insights into new opportunities for our clients, with a high commitment to data quality and a strategic outlook.

For many clients, we are a trusted partner conducting fieldwork, such as central location tests, mystery shopping, telephone interviews, web surveys or qualitative research such as focus groups, in-depth interviews, observation through direct presence or use of mobile ethnography.

We are your one-stop research partner in the Nordic Region, and approach each new project with creative thinking, strong experience and bubbly enthusiasm.


Human insights is the starting point in all we do

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Unlocking human needs

Our approach to Qualitative research

We are very experienced in all types of qualitative research and have developed a qualitative competence centre to assure that our moderators always have the highest possible expertise and are updated with the newest trends and knowledge.

Our qualitative services are based on the following 4 cornerstones:

  1. Identify tomorrow’s success stories by deep explorative research

  2. Involve our clients’ in the research

  3. Challenge our clients’ approach and starting point by asking a lot of questions

  4. Recruitement is key! Just like hiring great people

We conduct all types of qualitative research, such as, focus groups, in depth interviews, observations and workshops. Our moderator are trained in LEGO SERIOUS PLAY and some of our clients are NPS2 certified from Satmetrix.

We can offer in-house facilities with one-way mirror and since we have our own recruitment team, we have full control with all aspects of the process.


Quantitative research - this is what we offer

Quantitative research can take many forms and be conducted in many channels. Some of the options we offer are web surveys, telephone interviews through own call center, mystery shopping and hall tests.

Examples of quantitative research

  1. Trackers. We deliver trackers to many clients who want to understand the development of key KPI’s. Data can be delivered in many formats such as interactive dashboards and PowerPoints.

  2. Deep dives. Test your hypothesis about customers behavior and needs through best-in-class questionnaires. We activate the insights via workshops with key stakeholders to secure insights deliver impact.

  3. Touch Point Analysis. Gather insights from your customer touch points to set up a real time recovery systems for dealing with unsatisfied customers.

Our analysts are also specialized in advanced analytics such as conjoint, which is utilized when performing value-based optimization.

Insights through quantitative methods

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