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What is WakeUp?

FREE events every month. Learn how others have done.

We aspire to help bring more customer centric products and services to market. We do this through our human centred insights every day, but 1-2 times a month we share our learnings as well as the learnings of other great companies (and clients) with you. These sessions are called WakeUp’s og Cool Downs depending on the time of day - and you’re invited.

The content is a mix of insights on proven methods, inspirations from companies who have succeeded in customer centric solutions, as well as a great opportunity for networking. We host the events in our beautiful offices in Copenhagen, Odense or Århus. You know what; the coffee and croissants are on us too. If you’re attending a cool down, there’ll be beers.

Themes are rotating, so whether you're into upgrading your customer experience competencies or improving the internal process of designing new products or services, we promise there's a session for you.



UPCOMING Events and Wake-ups (Held in danish)