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How can we secure representativeness in our sampling with more than 30.000+ flights on a quarterly level?




Copenhagen Airports want to deliver a great customer experience to all its travelers, no matter the destination. To report and measure representatively on the overall satisfaction, customer flows, spending etc. a complex day-to-day sampling plan is required.



We decided on an algorithmic approach that calculates the targets and interview levels on a number of destination and airlines to emulate the actual flightplan. Another algorithm prioritizes the daily flights based on the actual sampling to secure representativeness over time and destination.



Daily operations can easily be handled by our skilled interviewers which face the travelers, because simple AI assists them in making the choices on where and how many to interview.



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Providing insights to Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen Airports has a strategic focus of constantly developing and adjusting the airport’s services and offerings to meet the customers’ needs and demands. A large survey setup provides the key tools to understanding and developing CPH’s business and to ensure that the organisation is customer-focused and fact-based.

More than 25 million passengers use the airport every year, flying on the more than 130.000 flights.

We deliver insights to Copenhagen Airports in several areas:

  • Identifying areas for improvement to ensure that passengers get a good experience while in the Copenhagen Airports part of the travel value chain,

  • Establishing a basis for making decisions on the commercial development and ensuring a high level of service for their passengers,

  • Improving conditions relating to arrivals at the airport, in particular with respect to baggage delivery, which has a major impact on passengers’ overall impression of Copenhagen Airport,

  • Developing Copenhagen Airports route network by identifying the potential for new direct routes and additional frequencies on existing routes.



Always up to date

Handling and delivering more than 45.000 yearly interviews across the Copenhagen Airports domain, requires a systematic and algorithmic approach to handling quotas and representativeness.

To simplify the process for the daily interviewers who provide the customer experience to the many travelers we developed a numbers of algorithms and services. These decide on a monthly basis which destinations and airlines to sample, while also supporting the day to day decisions of the interviews based on actual sampling. All updated in real time.

We used tools, such as Alteryx and Tableau for data prepping and visualization, while the webtools were developed in php and python.


aI assisted sampling with more time for human interaction

Significantly lower deviation on the weights attributed to the individual interview, providing Copenhagen Airports with better representativeness and more robust results.

The interviewers have to make fewer decisions on where and who to interview, providing more time for delivering great customer moments while interviewing the travelers of Copenhagen Airports.

Data can be exported in real time if needed to Copenhagen Airports internal databases.

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