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Team Danmark is for many synonymous with the slogan “Guld til Danmark”, which has been the organizational pay-off for many years. Men “Guld til Danmark” is a very one-dimensional DNA that does not cover the work Team Danmark does before the athletes perform at the highest level. All the energy put into research, development, performance optimisation and talent work is lost. Basically “Guld til Danmark” goes “all in” every 4th year at the Olympics, when the total effort is measured and evaluated.

In Wilke we believe a brand DNA must fulfill 5 overall requirements. Strategic match, trustworthy, relevant, differentiating and motivational. In order to help Team Danmark create such a DNA that also matches the values, vision and mission of Team Danmark we conducted a large number of group and personal interviews with key stakeholders. Based on this knowledge we co-created, through a number of workshops, a brand DNA which successfully transformed the pay-off to cover all the activities that Team Danmark is part of.

Team Danmark – Vejen til verdensklassen fulfills the 5 requirements to well functioning DNA and demonstrates that Team Danmark is supporting the Danish athletes both when they perform at the highest level but also in their development journey. They DNA is currently being implemented across all materials and touch points in the company.


How can Team Danmark create a brand DNA which embraces the medals and the role Team Danmark plays in the athletes journey towards the top?


building a brand DNA


Team Danmark is responsible for the overall planning of the elite sports in Denmark. It is key to the development of Danish elite sports that it is conducted in a social and societal responsible way. As an organisation Team Danmarks activities extend beyond monetary support. They also focus on providing the athletes the best possible terms and conditions, on and off the field – to maximize the probability of delivering great results. .  


How did we approach the problem

To get the right starting point, we initiated the project by doing a number of in-depth interviews and group conversions with major stakeholders. The stakeholder list included sports federations, media, public stakeholder, educational institutions, private companies and the “Dane on the street”, lastly, we talked and discussed with the athletes and Team Danmarks own organization.

With all this knowledge buzzing in our heads, we co-created the brand DNA in close collaboration with Team Danmark.


Key outputs for team Danmark

After days and hours of insights gathering and creation as well as pattern recognition, 3 potential brand DNA opportunity areas emerged. Wilke recommended Team Danmark to choose ”Vejen til verdensklasse”. This recommendation was based on both the insights created, but it also extended beyond money and gold medals to the stories of all the work being done before the athletes deliver top results.

Team Danmark – Vejen til verdensklasse is now implemented across Team Danmarks digital platforms, in poster and image material. The DNA is expected to be further rolled-out into athlete apps as well as communication with the stakeholder and general public.



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