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HK has a strategic goal to strengthen the member experience. HK needed further insights into how the members perceived the largest touchpoints and how they can improve the services on a continuous basis.

We designed an automated setup which continuously monitor and reports on the member experience of being serviced by the HK member service centers. Securing high member response rates, through easy and user friendly HK branded questionnaires

Full breakdown of the service experience with HK in major touchpoints. Data can be reported on all organization levels with optionality for using personalized triggers to direct team leaders to areas requiring attention


How can we design a real time feedback and service recovery setup for HK?

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Delivering member oriented services


HK wants a member oriented service that delivers valuable and unified member experiences across touch points, resulting in a great holistic experience for the individual members.

This is to be achieved through:

  • better consulting in key touchpoints

  • focused delivery of great experiences related to members who are unemployed, changing jobs or new in the job market.

  • more valuable offerings and advantages

In this project we work on delivering better consulting in the touchpoints through better experienced service.


How did we approach the problem

Firstly we mapped a technical solution based on the system architecture in HK, to secure a working model for receiving data from HK, processing and handling  of member responses and finally delivering data to HK in a data format ready for internal systems. The data process is GDPR compliant securing full transparency of customer data processing.

Secondly we utilized our experience from similar setups, to design and implement a questionnaire which provides the optimal mix of customer insights and user experience to secure high response rates and low drop-outs.


A scalable setup delivering member insights at the right level

A completely automated setup, which delivers insights to the members service centers at the service agent level and member level, providing the data to push the member experience to the next level.

Setup can easily be scaled to include new touch points (also digital) providing HK with a unified view of their members experiences.


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