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HK has significantly increased the number of members signing-up to the freemium memberships. This member group has higher churn rate and requires further insights. The members are not experiencing a significant value-add from HK in the period of changing from school life to work life.

We started by interviewing key stakeholders in HK to get a good understanding of how HK perceived and worked with onboarding of its members. This knowledge was used to interview HK and non-HK members who are in the middle of or recently had transitioned from school life to work life. The insights were used in a 2 day insights activation and ideation sprint with 20+ HK employees split in 3-4 working groups

To activate the insights to the HK employees we’ve created a visual map of the students transition from school life to work life. The map focuses on the “moments that matter” as well as the needs the members have at the given point in time. During the design and activation sprint we co-created 3 main ideas that HK could bring home, test and potentially implement in the organization.


How can HK help it’s members in the transition from school life to work life?


Understanding the transition from school to work life


Like many others, HK are pursuing the growth hack of the freemium business model for acquiring future members during school years. This increases short term sign-ups, but will likely result in increased churn as members are transitioned to the full payment products.

To increase loyalty and experienced value through the years in school, HK wants to deepen their understanding of the needs of the students/interns that they are servicing. From 1 year before graduation to 1 year into their first job.

These insights are to be utilised to design new and more meaningfull services to their members and thus decrease the churn from members acquired through freemium memberships.


How did we approach the problem

To get an understanding of what kind of services HK were providing, we started by interviewing some of the key stakeholders in HK who were involved in the process. This also provided insights into the internal organsation structure in HK, in order for us to identifify both internal issues and important participants for future workshops.

Based on these insights, we conducted app. 20 interviews, with both existing, churned and non-HK members. There in-depth interviews were primarely conducted in an exploratory matter, in order to understand some of the key issues the person whom we talked to, had experienced in school and through the first year after. After an internal pattern recognition process, we held an insights activation workshop with a very limited number of HK employees to secure alignment.

To help HK get started with using the insights to develop better products and services, we held a 2-day ideation sprint. Here we utilsed animated videos, storyboards, pixibooks and visual maps to get the HK participants to empatize with their freemium members. Additionally we ideated using value proposition canvas to create ideas worth exploring and testing further.


Deep insights, ability to empatize and new ideas worth exploring further

Key insights from the transition phase from student to work life were activated to secure better understanding internally in HK. Pixibooks and animated videos were created and distributed to HK for further exploration and education.

New ideas worth exploring have been wireframed and mocked up in order for HK to test and refine in a future collaboration.


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