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What's your customer promise?

Digital solutions that are user centric. We start with user stories.

Engaging customer experiences. Moments that matter. Something we all want to experience and create for our own customers.

Understanding and truly emphasizing the customer insights can be hard, if you base it on flat format like PowerPoint presentations. We therefore strive to create digital solutions which present findings and insights in a visual and engaging format. Ready made for communication and implementation in your organization.

We utilise a number of formats such as response dashboards, short cartoon movies and website microsite portals to maximise insight activation in your organisation.


How do you help?

Engaging dashboards and multiple data sources

Bringing data together from different sources can create significant business value and new business opportunities. We specialize in adding 3rd party data sources to your existing internal datasets. The combined dataset can be visualized either with our SaaS dashboard solutions, based on Tableau software or in your own BI software. We can also deliver data back into your own databases through several types of integrations such as REST API’s and SFTP.

We also design machine learning services to perform advanced analytics tasks, such as NLP, clustering, forecasting, sentiment and prediction. Got a lot of open ended questions from surveys? This will save you a lot of time.



Which tools do you use?

We're proud specialist in..

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