The Wilke Wisdom Panel


About Wilke Wisdom

At Wilke we love to hear the Danes opinion.  That is why we have created an Internet panel where we frequently ask all sorts of questions. Some of the answers we receive are used to benefit our customers to become even better, whilst others are used to measure the Danes opinions.

The panel makes it possible to address specific target groups

All members of the panel are asked to answer a series of background questions before they can participate in our surveys. This has an advantage, as we can limit the length of the surveys and focus on relevant questions. Additionally it also means that we can put up the exact target group criteria relevant for your company and issue.

In an online survey there will be the opportunity to show pictures or videos between questions, that way you can quickly and effectively test TV commercials, printed campaigns, make a traffic analysis and the like.

Panel members are rewarded for their answers.

As a member of Wilke Wisdom, it is voluntary if you want to participate in the surveys. If you do choose to be a participant you will be paid with the allocation of Wilke lottery tickets. These tickets are valid for a variety of things; you can win travel gift cards or gain points, which can be used in the panel shop or simply passed on to a charity.

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